For over 10 years Montreal MRI has been providing our clients with the latest in MRI technology. Located in Montreal West, we continuously offer reliable services as well as the most advanced MRI machine in Montreal.

South West MRI Clinic is celebrated its 10 years of service by taking on a higher level MRI technology. We are excited that more options are now available to us so that our radiologists and MRI specialists can work together for faster, clearer images. This will give your doctor all of the information they need to give you the nest possible treatment and care in your journey of health and wellness.

Our MRI services and technology are now better than ever. We have increased magnet gradient strength allowing improved signal to noise ratio with higher resolution and shorter imaging time. This translates to improved diagnostic quality and increased patient comfort. We also have a special feature which allows for motion correction. This will reduce the need for repeat scans and achieve diagnostic imaging despite any movement.

Our MRI scanner is a multi-functional scanner that covers several pathological fields and thus helps patients with a wide array of medical backgrounds. This scanner also diagnosis issues in the musculoskeletal field, finding conditions like arthritis, sports injuries, body fractures, bone tumors or soft tissue tumors. This includes any problems with ankles, elbows, wrists, tendons, or cartilage.

This Montreal MRI scanner services goes within the ambit of central nervous system. It provides 100% authentic and reliable medical images of the spinal cord, pituitary adenoma, acoustic neuroma, chronic headache and epilepsy and seizures.

When it comes to providing high resonance medical images of herniated disc displacement, spinal stenosis, chronic pain in the spine and nerve damage, our MRI service is second to none. As a result, doctors can more confidently diagnose and treat the core problem.

Our MRI services also cover medical and pathological fields such as abdomen, breast and angiography. This MRI machine provides reliable diagnosis of any problem with carotid system. It flawlessly investigates the positioning of breast implants and characterization of breast lesions. The post-operative evaluation of the breasts and evaluation of patients with a strong family history of breast cancer are a just a few of the breast related issues covered by this MRI. We can detect hepatic lesions, ovarian masses, adrenal lesions, abdominal wall lesions, among others. We have always been confident that we can provide you with the best possible experience and now after years of growth, you can be sure you are in good hands.